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Blogging and who cares

Friday, March 18th, 2005

What the heck is a blog?

First thought is that its a nasty rash that is only cured by expensive medicine, and that is partially true. The proliferation of blogs over the last couple of years can certainly be seen as a nasty rash - but the nice thing is that you don’t have to view them if you don’t want, and they can be very useful is a lot of circumstances,

First of all - what is a blog - well the full term for it is a web log, and basically its an on-line diary - just like the one that you kept in high school. It can contain pretty much anything you want, from a continual diatribe about your adventures in the himalayas, through to much more specific information related to business of various shapes and forms. There are blogs set up by Microsoft employees talking about the latest goings on in the Redmond VA operation that plans to take over the world through to political blogs talking about the latest escapade of your favourite senator or presidential candidate.

The growth in blogs has been exponential over the last couple of years, and now its considered a mainstream activity. It has left the realm of personal egotism and has become a network for publishing anything about anyone.

Ok - so far so good - you proceed to set up a web log account somewhere or you add one to your web site, and start spilling your on-line guts out - what good does it do and how the heck does anyone every find out about it.

There are services out there and the nice thing is that they are free that will publish the details of your on-line meanderings. Most of the web log sofware quite happily interfaces with these and will assist in the publishing of your on-line gems, and then all people have to to is to add the feed to their browser and every time you update your blog, they get the latest news.

Ok great - so now there is a way of publishing these words of wisdom, but again - when the rubber hits the road - what good does it do? Well that is totally up to you. You now have a method available to you to get your message out, whatever that message may be. Whether its a slightly acidic view on the current state of technology or whether its a way of collaborating with your client base, its a very effective way of communicating.

Lets say you are a retail sales trade association - and are considering a new program. In a conventional arena you could send out a survey to find out whether its workable. Why not test fly the concept on your blog? It is a hell of a lot cheaper than a survey and also you get cross fertilization from people commenting on both your original concept and any comments made about it. You are obviously opening yourself up to comments that aren’t helpful, but most blog software allows moderation of the comments, so no skin lost there.

What about using it for organizational news? No need to go for expensive web-site updates - simply post the articles on your blog.

The uses are endless and are only limited by your imagination.

Blogging is a fast and effective way of communicating. The technology is fairly straighforward, and can be implemented at a very low cost (or if you are handy free). The potential uses are endless, so why haven’t you got a blog?