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Dingbat politics - update

Thursday, October 6th, 2005

Well the saga continues…

According to the latest press release from the government spin machine it looks like, and I quote….

The federal government is obliged to offer a severance package to the former head of the Royal Canadian Mint, says National Revenue Minister John McCallum. That’s because David Dingwall could sue them if they don’t, he says.

Now, the amount that they are talking about is $500,000 which isn’t exactly peanuts, and Mr. Dingwall resigned voluntarily.

If it walks like hush money, and it talks like hush money…..well I’ll leave the rest for you to decide. Personally - my view is offer him 50 cents and if necessary up the offer to a buck.

Dingbat politics

Monday, October 3rd, 2005

And yet again, I read the news and my blood boils…..

The latest political faux pas seems to be revolving around David Dingwall, who in case you haven’t heard has resigned as the head of the Canadian Mint. Mr Dingwall, who was a cabinet minister in the Chretien government quit his post as the head of the mint after some enterprising soul had the temerity to point out that he and his senior staffers at the mint had managed to run up an expense bill of some $740,000 give or take a few bucks.

Its a nice tidy sum, isn’t it. The last time I had an expense bill, it was about $70, so dear David and I have very different standards about expenses. I guess I always try to keep expenses under control, not so Mr Dingwall.

Now in case that isn’t bad enough, there is talk about paying DD a severance package. For goodness sake - is glue sniffing rampant in Ottawa?

Let me re-cap - he quits because he has been caught running up expenses that would even make the Governor General blush and now we (the poor abused Canadian taxpayers) are going to pay severance?

The only severance that I can think of that fits would be to seperate him from his taxpayer stuffed wallet.

Go figure!