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SEO Copy

Friday, December 9th, 2005

While a handful of speakers at SES Chicago emphasized the importance of keyword placement in pages, a copywriter thinks it’s the wrong approach.

Copywriter Bob Bly suggested writing for search engine optimization means weakening the copy’s ability to sell. “You need to have a single core audience in mind and concentrate all your effort on writing to that one audience.,” he wrote.

From Bly’s perspective, SEO can be accomplished, but not at the expense of writing the strongest copy possible. Keywords should be placed in the copy, and experiments with word changes can take place.

“Never change a word of strong selling copy if that change will make it even one iota weaker, even if SEO best practices would endorse that change,” Bly cautioned.

Now let me have my say……

Dear Mr Bly

If a tree falls in a forest with no-one around does it make any sound?

Bottom line is if your site isn’t found on search engines then it really doesn’t matter how good the copy is, as only existing clients will read it.

Copywriters and SEO experts need to co-exist to obtain the optimal results for the client. Any other thinking is professional arrogance.