Lets talk graphics

Everyone is a web designer……unfortunate but true, and those that aren’t are web critics.

And unfortunately there is a lot to be critical about.

I spend my time looking through web sites for clients that want “a little tune up”, and sometimes what I see sends shudders down my spine. Web sites that flash, spin, play tunes and have little figures dancing about, and that is all on the first line.

Your web page is your corporate identity, and unless you are in the business of selling drugs your web site should not look like a hallucination from a bad acid trip.

By all means make it striking - but do so in moderation - after all isn’t the idea to get people to return to your site, not to reach for the aspirin bottle.

Keep your visuals on message - if they aren’t supporting your product or service, toss them. If they obscure your message, toss them. If you can’t look at them 5 times in a row, toss them.

Be critical and put yourself in the place of the client that is visiting your site for the 10th time. Are they going to enjoy the experiance or are their teeth going to grate?

It will make my life a little easier and I’m sure your clients will appreciate it too.

If you would like to discuss web design, feel free to contact us for a free quotation.

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