Have search engines lost their way

I’ve got an espresso machine and it has gone a little wonky.

So I’m off to find resources to help, and boy did I ever receive a shock. When I went searching for the term “delonghi” which is the make of this slightly erratic piece of equipment, I didn’t get much joy. I was using Google, for those of you interested.

Fine, refine the search….. lets try “delonghi espresso”

The results, to put it mildy, are all over the place. The first item on the list had some relevance to my search, but the rest of the list was almost completely useless.

A significant number of the search returns were either irrelevant entries in E-bay, Amazon or pages of links to somewhat unrelated services, or sites that were completely SPAM.

I tried another couple of search terms and had similar results, before I gave the whole thing up as a bad job and reverted to the Yellow pages.

So what is going on here?

It seems Google, in its attempt to detect relevancy has gone overboard. Its weighting algorithm for determining relevance seems to be slanted so heavily toward site activity and links that it overwhelms any other factors.

Additionally with the search that I did, a good proportion of the results were out of date - the coffeegeek site mentioned in the results is not active for example.

Most disturbing, there were also a significant number of SPAM sites, and these were in the first 2 pages.

I can’t explain this, other than to say the tuners and tweakers seem to be ahead of Google here.

Unless there is some activity on Google’s part, then their billion dollar empire is going to come crashing down around them. The key to their whole existance is relevancy, and right now they seem, at least in this example, to have lost the plot.

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