RIP Paul Martin

The election results are in and now we have a Tory minority government.

This has been an extremely long election, and its good that it is finally over before the electorate collapsed under the weight of the combined BS being shovelled by all of the major parties.

I’ve a few observations to make.

Paul Martin has tendered his resignation. After a lackluster campaign, highlighted by more negative comments about his opponents than positive statements about his vision for Canada I think that he should move over. I had high hopes for Mr Martin when he first came to office, but those have not come to pass. Mr Martin showed some signs of life towards the end of the campaign. If he had shown that earlier in the campaign, maybe he wouldn’t be resigning.

Negative ads don’t work. There have been some extremely negative ad campaigns run during this election - the worst of these authorized by the Liberals. If even a small proportion of them were true, you would expect Steven Harper to eat babies and burn gays and lesbians as a spectator sport. Now while you may not agree with all of Mr. Harpers positions, painting him as the devil incarnate has backfired, and all I can say is shame on you for even trying.

Finally, there seems to be an urban/rural split in the voting, with the rural areas going Tory and the urban areas going Liberal. I’m going to sincerely hope that Mr. Harper has one eye on the future and does not disenfranchise the urban vote. Reality says that you “dance with the one that brought you”, but if he does not want to be a one term premier he will certainly have to reach out the olive branch to the urban areas that did not agree with his policies. Mr. Harper - you have an opportunity here - don’t squander it.

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