Not really surprising

Enough is enough - it’s a cartoon!

Muslim clerics have been complaining in the press about Islamophobia, which I roughtly translate as “fear of Islam”. Gentlemen, when one of your own is talking publicly about offering a reward and a free car to the person who kills this cartoonist, does this really surprise you?

There is a double standard in operation here - a muslim cleric can openly call for the murder of a cartoonist, but the free press is being told by Islam in general that they are forbidden to publish pictures.

It isn’t surprising that there is growing resentment in the West to Islam as it only seems to respect itself. Non-believers are only tolerated as long as they don’t break Islamic teachings. Note I say Islamic teachings, not law, because thank goodness, in the free world it isn’t law.

On your own heads be it gentlemen - if you want respect for your beliefs, then start taking positions that will earn respect and not condemnation.

As far as “moderate” Moslems are concerned, if you don’t condemn your own lunatic fringe, then you get painted with the same brush. And rightly so!

“Islamophobia” I would suggest is a response to some pretty outrageous behaviour so look to yourself first!

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