Save yourself some grief

You are about to start on the road to having a web presence and are talking to a number of design companies about your site.

Save yourself some grief and negotiate the following:

  • At the end of the development you get ALL source for your web-site, including the source for all media, both static and interactive
  • If you are registering a domain name, that domain name is registered under your name, not the development company
  • You are not tied into proprietary software owned by the development company
  • You are not tied into a long term hosting contract with the development company
  • Negotiate on-going maintenance rates and support levels

If you follow this advice, then you are not tied to your development company once the initial work is done. You will stay with them if and only if they provide good service, not for the reason that you can’t move elsewhere.

We have been asked to take over support for a number of customers, and its amazing how many haven’t asked basic questions, or protected their own long term interests.

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