A note to our American Friends

The Canadian dollar is taking a high dive against the US dollar. I really don’t know why the US dollar is so strong, but then I design web-sites, I’m not a banker - thank goodness.

Is there a silver lining to all of this? Yes there is.

What this should mean is that the US market should be looking north.

As a rule, I am not in favour of offshore development, as the experience I’ve had with outsourcing (in a prior career) was a monumental failure. Language and cultural differences made getting things done effectively and efficiently a complete non starter, and any potential financial gains were more than offset by the sheer frustration of trying to make things understood.

This is simply not true of the relationship between the US and Canada. We speak the same language (well more or less :-)), have a similar culture and very similar institutions. It’s a no brainer when you consider that right now you can save 25% of your development and maintenance costs by looking north of the border.

We have been specializing in development with English speaking countries for about 4 year now, and have had great success. Even when the Canadian dollar was at an all time high, we were doing a consistent business, so now it makes even more sense for our clients.

Our recommendation would be to negotiate contracts based upon pricing in US dollars, and go long term. This works for both the client and the supplier, as the client gets a great deal, and the supplier will be much more flexible on pricing with the carrot of long term cash flow. A win-win for all.

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