E-Mail - a boon or a bust?

It is dreary monday, and we are helping a client out of an e-mail situation.

This client has a large, somewhat non-tech savvy membership, and everyone has their own web-email. A lot of their members don’t monitor their e-mail and now the server has started to hiccup due to being clogged up with SPAM.

It’s the curse of modern communication that probably 90% of all e-mail is simply garbage selling cheap meds, sexual aids, attempts to obtain passwords or account information, or viruses and it drives administrators up the wall.

Some ISP’s now provide SPAM filtering based upon complex rules, which do help to a certain degree, but in a lot of cases, all they do is tag the e-mail prior to delivery - so you still have to take action.

There are some basics that everyone should be doing that will help somewhat:

  • Take advantage of your ISP’s SPAM filtering - so set up a rule in your mail package to re-route spam to a junk mailbox and set an auto cull rule on this to delete messages after a number of days

  • Never EVER reply to a junk mail item - all that does is confirm that your e-mail address is alive and kicking
  • There is such a thing as acceptable loss - if you don’t want to spend hours a day filtering through potential junk mail for the odd item that is not, then accept that e-mail is not a 100% tool and don’t even open your junk mail folder to go through it
  • Set up a “white list” of people you do get e-mail from, and keep it up to date

These simple rules may not eliminate your junk and SPAM mail problem, but they will help.

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