Is it time yet?

The ecomony is in the toilet, Chrysler has declared bankrupcy, GM may declare any day now and most businesses are hunkered down counting what few pennies remain. Time to rein in all of your expenses and ride it out is certainly one way to look at things.

There is another…..

Cautiously expand!

I’m completely off my rocker and been sniffing glue to pass the time, but just think on it and you will see that there is sense in my ramblings. Your success in the business world is driven by profit, margin and market share. Right now profit is probably the one that you are looking at most seriously and seeing it decrease. Your margins equally have shrunk as savvy consumers are shopping around. Well, what about market share. Yes - you may be making less per transaction, but getting more of them.

Now lets look at the other side - suppliers are equally as hungry and are willing to entertain creative ways of getting your business. This applies to everything - hard goods, services - you name it. Web development companies are suppliers too, and they are seeing their business drop off too, so either they start laying off staff or accepting that they are going to make less per job, but still keep their head above water.

Are you going to get something for nothing - no. That doesn’t make any business sense at all but you are going to get a very good deal. Not only that - becasue there is some excess capacity, then you are likely to get quicker turnaround and better customer service.

Take the plunge, talk to a few people - you may be surprised at what you hear and get a deal you simply cannot afford to turn down.

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