How Spinnaker Systems completes projects
development methodologyOur process is simple and straightforward. We follow our own prorietary methodology which consists of four phases:
  • No cost needs assessment
  • Prototype
  • Develop and test
  • Implement
Free needs assessment for web site design, e-commerce, seo or internet marketing

One of our professional consultants will meet with you - either in person or by phone, and discuss your requirements with you. This consultant will be the project manager for your project and will be your primary contact.

The consultant will document an outline of what you are looking for and work with you until its exactly what you want. This will then be priced, and formally submitted to you for approval and permission to proceed. This document then forms our contract with you and lays out all costs and payment schedules.

Prototype for web or e-commerce site design

The design team will create an on-line model of what your web-site will look like. This will consist of your home page and one of the detail pages. You will see how the graphics fit together in the theme of the site, how all of the colours of the site fit together, the fonts and styles used and how the navigation works.

Our team will work with you to refine the prototype, and once completed will form the basis for the rest of the site.

Web or e-commerce site develop and test

During the build, all of the pages, all of the content, forms, interactive media and graphics are created. Everything is developed on-line, and you will be able to see your site grow as we proceed.

We exhaustively test your site to make sure that everything is fully functional. Once completed, you will be able to see your whole site on-line.

Implement (applicable to all types of business)

We make your site or program live.

For web or e-commerce, we implement the site on the hosting of your choice, implement any e-mail requirements you may have and re-test to make sure that everything works perfectly in its permanent home. We also create a full CD copy of your site for you - after all - it is your site.

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