on line sales There are two aspects to marketing in the E world - branding and visibility.

Branding is ensuring that you have a business identity that is striking and recognizable. We can design a logo for you. We can also ensure that your web site is developed and themed to your logo.

Visibility is ensuring that people know about you. You pay to create a web site, but unless people know about it, it is like writing a great book and placing it in your desk drawer.

In the traditional environment you advertise. You put advertisements into local papers, national papers, trade periodicals, Yellow pages....the list, and the drain on your budget goes on.
In the E world there are two things to target:
  • Site ranking on search engines. We can help through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your site to ensure the highest possible rankings
  • Attracting qualified customers to your site. We can arrange effective web advertising solutions such as targeted Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, and effective link exchanges.
If you would like to discuss a project contact us or arrange for a free quotation.

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